Maybe my biggest achievement in the music business. It's a record label which aims to promote new cultures and distribute young promising artists all over the world. Also, we're currently remodeling everything so don't be suprise if you land on a blank website or Instagram feed. It will all come back soon.


I'm also a music student in Paris. After 1 year learning how to code, I went back to my initial passion and learnt the basics of music business at EAC Paris for 2 years. At the end of this Bachelor, I founded SUPERMIND and decided to took a year off to focus on this record label. In October 2017, I went back to school to finish my MBA at ESG Paris, in a cursus named 'Management of Audiovisual and Musical Production', specialized in Music, of course.


Don't really know why I'm making a section out of this, but this sport really matters to me so I guess it's a big part of my life and a usefull thing to share with you :) For those who might be interested (you never know), I run marathons, semi-marathons, 10k races, and all kind of short races you can imagine.


Feel free to get in touch with me!
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