Ludovic Constans

Founder, CEO, Student, Entrepreneur.

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Music Student - ESG

Curently getting my master degree in audiovisual and music production management at ESG Paris.


SUPERMIND is a music label founded by Ludovic Constans in June 2016. We intend to promote diverses cultures and young artists who are pushing barriers of music genres. Based in Paris, we've already worked with a dozen of promising DJs, producers, singers, bands who got on board with our ideas. The challenge is to initiate people to new sounds and genres.

Music Student - EAC

Bachelor’s Degree in Music and festival coordination.

Trainee Cameraman -

Social and digital communication, cameraman, editor.

Stage Manager's Assistant - Rock en Seine Music Festival

Artists welcoming, stage preparation.

Redactor, Reporter - WATM Magazine

Live reports, articles, interviews.

Founder, CEO - Brook Line Records

Creation, CEO, team manager, promoter.


Ludovic Constans launched his first musical promotion structure when he was 16 yo, with a classmate. Then having left high school, he discovered the Parisian concerts and electronic music that takes up more and more space in the French charts. After 2 years of discovering, he founded his first label, in September 2013, called Brook Line Records. In the same time, he joined WATM Magazine editorial team for which he will conduct more than 65 interviews in 2 years. With Brook Line, he assembled a team to work alongside a dozen artists, including Ofenbach. These artists will release their first remix in March, which would then be followed by a Brook Line tour in the capital. In June, Brook Line published their first EP which climbed throughout the summer to reach the ears of major European labels. After celebrating their 1 year anniversary in September 2014, Ludovic resumes his studies and puts an end to the project... It’s in March 2016 that he launched his new label, SUPERMIND.


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